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Calling all New Wharton Alumni and Alumni New to Houston!!

The Wharton Club of Houston (WCH) wants to reach out to those who (1) have graduated from the Wharton School on or after June 2021 (undergraduate and graduate), or more recently, or (2) who have relocated to Houston on or after June 2021.  Specifically, we seek to help those in this audience who would appreciate a member of the Board of Directors, or seasoned member, to come alongside to perhaps share some guidance in making the transition to Houston more comfortable. This guidance would take place in person at least once monthly for three months, and as mutually agreed to, by person, phone, or virtual means for up to the remaining nine months.  As an incentive, depending on the event, Wharton Club of Houston will offer a discount to your first event.  Although our hope is for you to join as a member of Wharton Club of Houston, this program is our volunteer-based outreach to recent alums and transfers, and does not require a membership to match you to one of our directors or seasoned members.

Why are we doing this?  Relationships are important, especially when you are new.  Perhaps our seasoned Directors and members can share some ideas that can help with making new friends, broadening your job network, finding new doctors and dentists, learning why Houston is a great place to live and perhaps where to live, connections with and ideas for realtors, banks, investment and wealth management, or, perhaps someone to talk with to help reduce the stress for you and your family.  A club is a place you come to feel at ease among friends.  As an alumnus or alumna of The Wharton School, you are among friends, a place where you can hopefully receive wise advice to make better decisions, enjoy recreation, meals and events together. 

Simply send an email or click on the link with your name, address, mobile, email address as well as your Linked-In profile address.  Included below is a list of members of the Board of Directors of the Wharton Club of Houston and their Linked-In profile addresses.  Choose your first and second priorities, emailing your reply of interest to [email protected] Depending on availability, Wharton Club of Houston will then reach out to the requested board members for their concurrence, and, in turn, ask them to reach out to you.

Board of Directors, Wharton Club of Houston and Linked-In profile addresses:

Houston is a great place to live.  Help us, The Wharton Club of Houston, to try to help you learn why.

Kurth Anderson
Wharton Club of Houston