President's Message

It is a great honor to serve you as the President of the Wharton Alumni Club of Houston, and I thank you for this opportunity.
We also thank those that came before, laying the groundwork by bringing us together and building our community - Jonathan Lack, Fred Wolgel, Evan Betzer, Chris Krummel and Leah Barton. I endeavor to continue their tradition, supporting Wharton's competitive yet cohesive chapter in this great city of Houston that has hosts us.
Amidst our busy schedules, I encourage you to connect with your fellow alumni outside of our events for lunch or coffee. We are constantly inspiring each other with business referrals, job leads and wisdom gained from industry experience - do not miss your chance to take part. I have personally had many chances to meet and get to know some of the greatest pillars of our community, and have thoroughly enjoyed their company and mentorship.
If it has been awhile since you have come to a Wharton Houston event, check out our events listing and come to reconnect with your fellow alumni.
I welcome any ideas that you may have for events or other activities to bring us together. Send me a short note or put time on my calendar and I will gladly get together with you to develop your concept.


Mitchell Tsai, President 
Wharton Club of Houston