WCH & The COVID-19 Pandemic:  How to Get Involved & Give Back

Volunteer for the Wharton Club of Houston

Want to give back and be a part of the COVID-19 solution?!  WCH has identified a few options to leverage our alumni to either help support those seeking medical solutions for COVID-19 or organizations adversely impacted by the same.

Below is a list of volunteer opportunities we believe worth pursuing.  Our hope is that you will get involved in an advisory, mentorship, consultant,  or “thinktank” role.  This list does not imply an endorsement of the organization by the Wharton School or the Wharton Club of Houston.  Service is pro bono and on an individual basis.

Ways to Help:

  1. C2CB. Client-to-Consultant Bridge (C2CB) is a new non-profit founded by independent consultants (IC) that scopes pro bono projects for clients affected by the pandemic and matches appropriate consultants to each engagement. Commitment of no more than 24 (cumulative) manhours per project.  Wharton Alumni Elizabeth Adeoye and Bill Stevenson are steering committee advisors to C2CB, also pro bono. Status:  Launched week of 4/13/20. New website  (c2cb.co) goes live next week, or join the C2CB consultant network now via this link:  www.c2cb.wildapricot.org.
  2. Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute (TMCx). Bill has been in discussions with Emily Reiser, who serves as the Sr. Manager responsible for leading the innovation community.  Emily is seeking to add more expertise to the TMC's mentorship programs.  Send Emily an email indicating your interest in one-on-one mentorship.  Please let her know in your email that you are a member of the Wharton Club of Houston.  Emily Reiser <[email protected]>
  3. Umbrex. Umbrex was recently mentioned in the WSJ for mobilizing IC to serve various US-based SMB clients affected by the pandemic on a pro bono basis.  While membership in Umbrex is normally by invitation and open to independent consultants who are alums of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, or Booz, you can learn more about Umbrex (and it’s other network Veritux) at umbrex.com and sign up as a volunteer advisor, which does not require Umbrex membership, via:  https://www.umbrex.com/resource/pandemic-playbook/

If you pursue the above or any others through your own pipeline, please share your choice via e-mail to both Elizabeth Adeoye ([email protected]) and Bill Stevenson ([email protected]). We welcome any suggestions you have—particularly additions to our list.

Once your volunteer experience concludes, e-mail us a brief summary, perhaps with a picture, and whether you grant approval to publish your story via the WCH website. Company, organization, and location details are welcome, but please omit specific client or mentee names.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can find a way to give back!