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Resume Bank: In addition to reviewing the positions posted here, you may wish to add your resume to the Wharton Resume Bank. Even if you are employed and have absolutely no intention of leaving your current position, please consider adding your resume to the Wharton Resume Bank. When we get a position description that looks like it's a fit for you, we will contact you, and you can decide whether to contact the recruiter or potential employer. It's that simple, and there is no risk on your part. Neither your name nor your resume are ever released to anyone beyond the managers of the Resume Bank. So send your resume to Pascale Nicolet-Smith or contact her if you have any further questions. The more resumes we have, the easier it is to get potential employers and their recruiters to send us their position specs.

Looking for new hires? We want our alumni to think of fellow Wharton alumni as a rich resource for talent - give your fellow Wharton alumni first crack at positions you need to fill. If you have a job opening, consider posting it on this website or share it in some other manner with Wharton alumni (e.g., a selected distribution limited to the Wharton Resume Bank), by contacting  Pascale Nicolet-Smith. She will be happy to discuss the options available to you through the Club.

Current Job Postings:
(Please note: The job postings provided here are for the exclusive benefit of Wharton alumni only. No redistribution of these postings is permitted without prior authorization from the listing organization.)